Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Accessories and Decorating Ideas

Often referred to as “the smallest room in the house,” the bathroom provides a unique space for the home decorator. The intimate size of the room allows for design elements to impart maximum impact. A quick walk through a home improvement warehouse or a home supply store will reveal a dizzying array of sinks, bathroom accessories and other bathroom decor. While we would all love to design the bathroom of our dreams, for most of us a complete overhaul is not viable. This, however, should not stop you from looking for ways to spruce up your powder room. The following are a few key areas to consider in your bath design ideas.

The Big Ones
Other than floors and walls, the sink, tub/ shower and toilet are the bathroom pieces with the longest life spans. Though it may seem daunting, replacing large items, such as sinks, is not impossible for the do-it-yourself home improver. When making expensive and long-term purchases, remember to look for neutral colors. Though a fire engine red toilet might seem like fun now, neutral colors allow easier changes in design later on. Staying away from vibrant colors will also increase the resale value of your home if you choose to put it on the market.

Let Some Light In
A simple change to the way in which your bathroom is lit can cause the room to take on an entirely different feel. New lighting can allow the porcelain and metal of your bathroom to shine. This alone can make the room feel new without having to replace a single item from your bathroom accessories. If you have used any interesting painting techniques good lighting is needed to make sure it is visible. You might also consider spotlighting a particularly interesting piece of bathroom decor.

Don’t Forget the Walls
With all the items available to place in your bathroom, do not forget to take a look at your walls. A few wall decorations or a fresh coat of paint could be all that the room needs to feel new again. There are many painting techniques that can be applied to the walls of the bathroom. Sponge painting is always a favorite. In this technique a sponge brush is used to dab paint on the walls creating an interesting texture. The bathroom can be a great place to display family photos or favorite works of art but keep in mind that the moisture and heat will likely take their toil on these eventually. Do not forget that wall decorations need not be limited to pictures and art. A wall clock will not only add an interesting design accent but also keep everyone on time during those fast paced mornings.

Use Your Other Senses
While looking for new and interesting ways to accessorize it is important to remember there is more to design than just physical bathroom decor. A basket of fresh flowers or a dish with sage smudge sticks will take your bathroom design to new heights by including the sense of smell. Nothing says pampered better than a warmed towel. There are many techniques available to heat bath towels. Though there are great devices made specifically for this purpose, simply making space for a microwave can instantly give you the option stepping out of the shower and into a warmed towel. Many people also like to consider their sense of sound while designing bathrooms. Radios, televisions and stereos have quickly become widely used bathroom accessories. Because these appliances use electricity it is important to position them far from the water sources. Alternately, many companies produce waterproof sound sources specifically for the bathroom.

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