Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Decor

Bathrooms are one of the most utilized rooms in a home and one of the most forgotten as far as decor.  There are many enhancements available for bathroom décor and all are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Basic bathroom accessories are just one of those enhancements that help to define the look of the bathroom and should be considered part of the bathroom decor. Accessories such as bathroom mirrors, towel holders, tooth brush holders and toilet tissue holders can all be purchased in the same color scheme as the vanity faucet. Shower curtains, towels and window curtains should have an undertone of the same color that is on the walls to help match the bathroom decor.

Bathroom vanities have many styles and colors to choose from. Space of the bathroom is a huge factor when deciding on which type and style of vanity that is used. Smaller bathrooms will be better suited with a pedestal sink in lieu of a large vanity. Many home owners will plan their entire bathroom decor around the color and style of the vanity that they choose.

The lighting in a bathroom should be purchased to match the decor and style of the rest or the room. For lighting above a sink try to stay with halogen lighting as it is brighter and will reflect the image in the mirror better than that of a dimmer light.

Painting techniques used in a bathroom are usually done to the persons own taste and color scheme. Sponge painting, faux finish painting and rag rolling are among the most popular painting techniques used in bathroom decor these days. In smaller bathrooms classic, bright, one color paint will keep the bathroom from feeling smaller and cluttered.

Wall decorations are the visual part of the entire décor of a bathroom. They can be anything from a single mirror to large framed prints. The decorations should have a splash of color to them that matches the rest of the bathroom décor.

A luxurious bathroom retreat can start with the purchase of the right bathtub or shower and both can be just as much of the decor as a picture can. Bathtubs and shower stalls come with many options and in a variety of colors to match any decor and style.

Toilets are not only a required piece of bathroom furniture but also can be very stylish and blend nicely into any bathroom décor. The toilet should be purchased in the same color as a bathtub or shower stall to help keep the décor of the bathroom the same.

The bathroom decor in the main bath of a home should be warm, welcoming and intimate to even the most uptight guest; while the master bath can be made into a beautiful spa retreat.

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