Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Lighting Remodeling Projects Can Be Easy

Bathroom lighting remodeling projects are extremely simple, and can increase the resale value of your home.  Interior lighting is one of the most important elements in creating and setting the right mood and theme for your home. For example, having inadequately bright lighting can make it extremely difficult to apply makeup in the mornings.  Ideal rooms for applying makeup should have a variety of lighting sources ranging from incandescent to fluorescent so that you can recreate various scenarios to ensure that your make is applied smoothly and evenly.

Installing a bathroom vanity with even broad-spectrum lighting is a good idea if you plan on creating a bathroom environment that is conducive to applying makeup in the morning. Having multiple forms of lighting can be important, especially if you plan on using your bathroom for makeup application. Your makeup will look dramatically different under various lighting conditions such as natural sunlight, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting. Installing sunlight for your bathroom is a good option if you are looking for a way to bring natural light into a bathroom setting. People prefer natural sunlight for the broad spectrum and natural warmth.  Another advantage to using sunlight’s as supplemental bathroom lighting is that it allows people to receive sunlight, without giving up the privacy aspects of a windowless room.

Lighting can also be a useful tool used to create and enhance mood. Proper lighting such an important but often overlooked aspect of interior decorating and design. High end Kohler overflowing bathtubs have taken lighting to the next level, by installing fiber optic lighting rods, which rotate and change color.

Increasing the amount of available light available in smaller bathrooms is extremely important if you wish to remove the sense of claustrophobia. If you have a smaller bathroom, you should also consider using 100% clear glass shower doors. Clear doors are great for smaller bathrooms because of the fact that they do allow a great amount of light to fully pass through. In contrast, frosted privacy glass style shower doors can create a claustrophobic feeling due to the fact that they absorb a large amount of the ambient light in the room.

Remodeling existing bathroom light fixtures can be quite easy if you can utilize the existing electrical framework.  There are many DIY home improvements you find both from Home Depot and regular bookstores such as Barnes & Noble. Although it may be cheaper to purchase books from Amazon, you may want to purchase your bathroom interior lighting books from brick and mortar stores instead. If you are looking for inspirational ideas it’s a good idea to full skim through the lighting book, to make sure that you and the author have the same basic general styles and tastes.

If you are looking for the most recent trends in bathroom lighting you may want to read magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens or Dwell magazine. Instead of paying for an interior designer, you can also directly attend industry lighting shows. This is the best way to keep fully abreast of innovative lighting trends.

Personally my favorite lighting upgrade that I have just done in my kitchen is recessed lights on a dimmer. OMG, what a difference it makes in the evening when we are sitting in the family room.  As a bonus I’m using less electricity. My next upgrade is my bathroom lighting on a dimmer switch also.  I think it will make taking a long soaking bath even more relaxing with having bright lights on.


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