Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Vanities For A Modern Bathroom

Although the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, updating it can make a huge impact on the feel and value of your home. Changing the bathroom accessories, wall decorations, mirrors, bath vanity and painting techniques all play a part in the style of this little room. Bath vanities are another main item that can really create a statement.

Check online for the wide variety of bathroom vanities for a modern bathroom available. The choices will either jump start the styling whiz within, or stop you in your tracks. There are good ways to start the process of redecorating that can ease you into a beautiful and relaxing space.

First take a good look around, what do you really like and what do you really dislike about the current state of the bathroom Survey the entire room in great detail. Jot the answers you come with on a sheet of paper for future reference.

Decide what your ultimate goal is in redecorating. Do you want an calm oasis, a bright and cheery space or a very traditional manly room. Cut out pictures from magazines and catalogs and keep in a folder with your list of likes and dislikes. The clearer you are before you start shopping the more satisfied you will be with the final outcome.

The bathroom is an excellent place to try out new painting techniques. The small space allows for more experimentation and can easily be fixed if you find it’s not what you had in mind. Reinvent the whole room with a coat of paint. Look through your inspiration folder and choose the paint color.

A light ceiling that blends into the walls is a nice way to add height to a bathroom. If your walls are a medium blue, paint the ceiling a very light shade of blue for a nice glow. Remember that light colors in general open a space up, but darker colors can make a room cozier. Use a painting technique like sponging, or rag rolling for an easy decorator touch. A more difficult painting technique would be to paint stripes or diamond patterns. Include a border or paint one wall a contrasting color for impact.

When choosing amongst all the bath vanities consider the theme of your bathroom. Maintaining a consistent theme, adds to the harmonious feel in a room. Meaning the choice of bath vanities, mirrors, wall accessories and pendant lighting should all match, or at the very least match in style, scale and proportion.

The lighting you choose affects the paint color. You may want to check the color choice in both natural and artificial lighting. Pendant lighting offers choices in wattage output and the actual color of the light fixture also affects the overall look.

Wall accessories in a bathroom can be both functional and decorative. Choosing hooks for hanging robes, towel racks, hair dryer holders, medicine cabinets and tooth brush holders. There are many specialty items that also fit into this category. Look for the pieces that fit with the overall theme.

Bathroom vanities for a modern bathroom can also be found in your local home improvement store. It may be helpful to take a trip to a couple of these stores to get an idea of the feel of the piece, the price range and see them set up. Often the home improvement store will place the bath vanities in pretend rooms to show how these rooms can be decorated. Taking a trip to browse is a good way to check out the newest items and ask the staff questions about different makes and models.

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