Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Easy Bathroom Décor

When you think of redoing your bathroom your mind probably immediately goes to the size of your budget and how much it’s all going to cost. It’s true that replacing a tub, toilet, sink and vanity, and floor tiles can cost thousands of dollars easily. But chances are you can spruce up your bathroom décor without going to any of that expense. Look around your bathroom at all of the features that aren’t expensive and permanent. By changing some of these simple touches you can add a new atmosphere to the room or simply give it a spruced up, fresh look. A Very easy way to update the look of your small bathroom is to change the paint color.  Bathroom color ideas are everywhere.  Look at your favorite restaurant for the colors they use, watch design shows, ideas are everywhere.

Bath Towels for Bathroom Décor
One way to add some color to the room and give it a fresh look is to choose your bath towels carefully, and to display them as décor. Baskets or other containers that can hold the rolled up towels can become part of the bathroom decoration while keeping them handy to be used after a bath or shower. If you have a very pale bathroom and you prefer white or very light towels, this option might not add color but it will add texture. If you have a colorful bathroom, consider purchasing your towels in the different colors defined in the room so that where you store the towels is multicolored and interesting.

Bathroom Furniture
Furniture that you can add to your bathroom are things like shelves that go over the toilet, a freestanding towel closet or hamper, a vanity table and chair, as well as other things that can hold towels, soaps and other bathroom accouterments. If you choose metal pieces, they’ll give a very modern and contemporary sensibility to your bathroom décor. Wicker gives an entirely different feeling. Choose these pieces with care to create the atmosphere and style that you want. You can find entire bathroom sets that might contain a hamper, a shelf and perhaps even something that goes on the wall.

Small Touches Make for Big Bathroom Décor
Bathroom mirrors come in every shape and size today and can be very plain or they can be gilded and extremely fancy. If you have a very modern bathroom, a plain mirror surrounded by metal could work well. If your bathroom has a more romantic style then a mirror that has a scrolling frame or something with more interest is called for. And don’t forget small touches like bathroom rugs, the small pieces that you set on your vanity to hold things like your toothbrush or soap, and things like your shower curtain and whether it’s lacy and flowing or made from vinyl in a novelty pattern. Choose these things carefully and you can achieve a great bathroom décor for very little money.

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