Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Finding the Perfect Bathroom Vanity Unit

A bathroom is meant as a place where tranquility sets in at the end of the day. Each element of the bathroom must be orchestrated down to the last detail for those who want a true sanctuary away from the madness everyday life can bring upon them.

Even a simple detail such as a bathroom vessel sinks and vanities unit needs to be incorporated into the design. These days, bathroom vanities are looked upon as another piece of furniture, a fixture that makes the room. One must also take the bathroom countertops, sinks, and taps into consideration as well when deciding on the final look of the bathroom.

You can go to the large retail home improvement stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot and look at models of bathrooms that are on display. You can then sit with a bathroom design specialist who will help decide what styles and sizes will best that person. You can also get inspiration from online sites such as  the do it yourself sites that shows one how to put together a design and then go out and purchase the materials needed to complete the project.

The first thing one needs to do is decide on a bathroom vanity unit. Again,  visit the retail home improvement stores, search online, or even look into salvage yards if one is nearby. The units come in many sizes from 24 inches up to 72 inches and beyond. One then needs to decide on what finish he or she wants for the cabinets and what style he or she is looking for. If this bathroom is going to be for two or more people, one may look into a double sink unit. As far as style, if one is more modern and likes the darker woods with the clean, boxy lines there are many of those vanity styles available in stores and online. For the ones who want the vanity to look like an actual piece of furniture, these can also be found readily in stores and online, ranging in price from $299 into the thousands, depending on how elaborate one wants it to be.

After you decide on the vanity unit, then look into bathroom countertops. Many units are now selling the countertops separately since not all people like the same thing. The countertops of the vanity can make or break the look of a room. One can choose from sturdy natural stones such as marble or granite, or go for a more budget friendly material such as the factory-produced cultured marble or Formica tops. One needs to take into consideration how much the bathroom vanity will be used. If one or two people are using it, the granite will help up well. However, if there is a family of five using the same bathroom every day, then a more durable stone such as marble may be the best way to go. It resists stains well and is difficult to scratch. All the materials listed above come in a variety of patterns and colors.

After one chooses the vanity unit and the type of countertops he or she would like, the next step is choosing bathroom sinks. For those who like traditional looks, there are the plain sinks that sit recessed into the sink or that are built into the countertops. One can also splurge and find extravagantly designed sinks that have details hand painted into them. For those who like the modern and contemporary look, a vessel sink is a great option. These sinks come in a wide variety of finishes and can take the spa feeling up a notch if incorporated into the design correctly. One would want to use the vessel sinks on the simple, modern vanities so the lines of the unit are not overpowering the sink. The purpose of the high end vessel sink is to stand out by being on top of the countertop.

Although it may seem like a trivial detail, bathroom taps are also another key element to the design of the room. The finish and style one chooses for the taps needs to flow throughout the rest of the room to make it unified. It does not need to be matchy-matchy; however, one would not want to have a brushed nickel bathroom sink tap with a light fixture in a brass finish. Therefore, it is vital to know that whether going for traditional, modern, or classic, a tap and its finish will help in finishing off the look of the room, so one should choose carefully.

Overall, a bathroom vanity and all its counterparts are essential in every step of the design process when doing a bathroom. The look of the vanity is a statement to the room itself. Bathrooms are meant to tranquil and beg to be relaxed in. It can be made possible when every element of the design is taken into careful consideration.

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