Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Good for the Soul; Bathroom Lighting

The living room is a place where we entertain guests and the kitchen is where we prepare our meals.  Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is probably the easiest to take for granted.  Often it is a small room with basic facilities that make it what it is.  But, think about it. How many of us would use an outhouse or bathe in a creek?  The time has arrived to think about how to make this room more special.  Not only is color and textures important for atmosphere but the lighting can determine how we can benefit from this special room.

Too often the bathroom has only a harsh neon ceiling light that creates a glare.  Contemporary bathroom décor provides so many different ways to light a bathroom it would be a shame to ignore the possibilities.  Not only is there natural light that can come from an outdoor window but there are different styles of ceiling lights and different ways of using them.

Recessed lighting is a contemporary lighting fixture that creates a soft glow to the room.  Recessed lights have the ceiling as their fixture, giving a sense of light coming from an opening.   Using these lights to emphasize a tub or shower area creates a design feature for the bathroom.   If an elegant ambiance is desired then consider using a chandelier.  A small crystal chandelier captures the light from the light source in a prismatic pattern that whispers to people how this is a high quality area for high quality people.  Scones bring a sense of olden times, before we knew about electricity.  This type of light source can come in a shape of a candle.   If hung by the two sides of a mirror, they can give out enough light for the basic needs of most people.  Personal taste makes a big difference in what ceiling light works for business or relaxation.  For some it would be classic elegance and others a more contemporary feel determines their choice of ceiling lights.

Each style of ceiling light has its strengths and weakness.  Layering the different styles of lights can bring about a more finished result to the bathroom.  Using a chandelier can light the room while the scones can emphasize the textures and colors of the walls.   Recessed lighting can bring out features like the bathtub while other types of lighting can brighten the room enough for dressing and reading.  Any of the ceiling fixtures benefit from being controlled by a dimmer switch.  The chandelier and recessed lights can be dimmed when a person just needs to soak.  With a dimmer, lights can be brightened for that last minute make up run and hair adjustment.   A bathroom is a place where we get ready for work, take a long luxurious bath or to take care of our body’s needs.  Take the time to think about what will make this room useful and beautiful.  It will be worth the planning in the long run.

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