Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Ideas for Redecorating Bathrooms

If you have decided to redecorate the bathroom, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed at the decisions facing you. Especially for a full renovation, there are many factors you have to consider including flooring and storage. When redecorating a bathroom, bathroom lighting is one of the most essential issues. Lighting can make or break a bathroom and although it is a good thing there are so many different types of bathroom lighting to choose from, it can also make things a bit more complicated. You can decide on proper lighting for your bathroom by following a few simple steps.

Start by setting a budget for yourself. Lighting fixtures can be surprisingly costly and by figuring out a budget you have a good starting point and it helps prevent you from overspending. Also consider the theme of the room and what sort of atmosphere you want to create. For a more romantic look certain lights would work better than others, whereas if you wanted bright lights for putting on makeup and doing your hair, halogen lights or a spotlight would work best. You can choose to use more traditional lighting fixtures or some which are more contemporary. Traditional lighting fixtures tend to be more decorative and fancy, while the modern styles are sleek and slim. Modern fixtures are streamlined and take up less space but it depends on whether you like the fancy detail and design work or not.

Sconces are a more affordable option, if you are working on a tighter budget and do not want to spend too much. A basic ceiling light is also quite inexpensive, although these are usually quite plain and nothing special. A chandelier really brings a luxurious, regal feel to any bathroom. You do not have to overdo it and you can find smaller sized chandeliers that fit in nicely to the space in the bathroom. Recessed lighting offers a more subtle, romantic look. Keep in mind you can always mix it up and do not necessarily have to stick with just one lighting type. For instance you could have some recessed lighting installed and use when you want to take a bath and then have regular lighting around the mirror or on the ceiling for through the day.

Deciding where you want the lighting has a major impact on which fixtures will work and which will not. Some people prefer lamps so there are no lighting fixtures actually installed. Others prefer a dimming switch so they can control the degree of light rather than having a stationary light.

By considering these factors you should find it much easier to sort through the different styles and types of bathroom lighting fixtures and find those that work best for the room you want to create. Your options are endless and it is just a matter of taking time to consider and compare your options before making any final decisions. Visit a local lighting store to see different fixtures up close and get a better idea of sizing and installation procedures.

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