Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Is A Steam Shower Right For You?

If you want a truly relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience in your own home, then you should consider having a steam shower installed in your bathroom. A steam shower is different from a sauna that you might have enjoyed at a spa or club. In most cases, steam showers have a traditional shower head so that you can bathe as normal, but also come with several nozzles built into the wall that spray steam into the enclosed shower. Unlike a sauna, which is dry, a steam shower is designed to be wet to give you the full benefit of both the relaxing and cleansing properties of steam.

Converting a Walk in Shower
Some people opt to have their current shower stalls converted into steam showers. This is always an option, but sometimes it’s not the most cost-effective or best option for the room. It often requires changing so many aspects of the existing stall that it can be easier just to purchase a modular steam unit and install it instead. Shower kits are available, however, if you want to do it yourself.

If you’re not experienced dealing with both plumbing and electrical installations, you’ll probably want to have a professional handle this for you. Because the cost of a new shower can easily reach thousands of dollars once everything is finished, even if you do it yourself, the last thing you want is to find that it doesn’t work properly or lets too much steam out and is damaging the walls and surfaces in your bathroom.

Benefits of a Steam Shower
Whether you choose an inexpensive modular kit or have a new steam room built complete with a travertine tile built-in shower bench on the side, you can enjoy the benefits of steam. Not only will your new feature be a place to relax, whether you have a bench or shower chair to sit on, but you might find great benefits as far as your complexion and the general feel of your skin after using it for a couple of weeks. Steam has long been used to removed skin impurities and increase circulation, as well as treat some breathing problems, so you could realize great health benefits from your new addition.

Instead of a standard walk in shower, you can enjoy the benefits of steam in your own home. That can turn your bathroom into a retreat and make you feel spa-pampered at the end of the day. For many people, the expense of a steam shower is well worth the benefits. If you happen to be remodeling anyway, then it’s something to consider as this would be a no-hassle time to make this addition to your home.

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