Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Kid’s Bathroom Ideas

Decorating your child’s bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive but should be done completely different than a bathroom used by everyone. Of course your design will depend on the age, number of children and who will use the room. If the bathroom is going to be used primarily for your child your decorating ideas will be quite different than if the room may occasionally be visited by guests. If it is your child’s private bathroom use your imagination and go wild. Although one thing that should remain the same, keep the materials you are going to use easily washable and durable.

The floor choice you make should be one that is long lasting, can be easily cleaned, and prone to water. Lets face it, kids are not easy on floors. Ceramic tiles are a good choice. They are fairly easy to install and are very durable. Tiles come in various sizes and numerous colors. With ceramic tiles you can create bathroom tile designs with different shapes and colors. Whatever flooring material you decide upon, it is a good idea to pick colors that will blend well if you decide to change your wall or accent colors.

It is best to have a tub and shower in a child’s bathroom. Smaller children enjoy bathtub fun while teens want the convenience of a shower. If you install both it may help to keep from remodeling as your child grows. Having a shower and tub in a bathroom also adds value to your home. When picking out a tub for your kiddo keep in mind their size. Most likely you don’t want a tub to be too deep. You want everything in this room to be easily accessible. Once again choosing a neutral color and strong finish is advised.

Inevitably your child will turn into a teen, so might as well be prepared in advance. The sink you chose may be one of the most important features in the room. You most certainly want to have storage and plenty of counter space. If you have more than one child you may even want to insert a double sink vanity. Having a large mirror and good lighting is key. When kids are small having a big mirror allows them to see themselves more easily. As children grow, lighting becomes much more important to their vanity.

When your done designing your child’s bathroom, the fun begins. Now it’s time to decorate! There are endless decorating ideas. Brightly painted walls make a huge impact, and they are very easy and inexpensive to change. This goes for towels and bath rugs as well. Colorful accessories can really enhance the theme of your room.

Simply decorate the bathroom color design in an arrangement of bright primary and secondary colors. They are fun for kids of all ages. You may want to design using polka dots, shapes and possibly horizontal or vertical stripes. May be you and your child would rather have colorful flowers, stars, rainbows, or other elements that you find appealing. By using letters or numbers in a range of colors you can spell out your child’s name and you’ll be sure to please your child. If you have more tile on your wall instead of paint you can still breathe life back into your bathroom by using decals.

If you want the bathroom to be unique you can customize the look with stencils. This may take a bit more time but it is definitely worth it. With stencils you can design the shower curtain, toothbrush holder, step stool, towels, etc. Just remember to not get too carried away with your pattern design. When you repeat a color in several places around the room, you will be coordinating the room in a fresh but charming way.

Child is playing in a bathRemember this room is for your child therefore you may want them to help with the decorating. They may even give you a new perspective on how to design the room. Painting for kids can be fun. They can help paint walls, paint stencils on step-stools or place decals on shower doors. When a child participates in the decorating of their own space he or she will enjoy the room a bit more.

Whatever design you choose it is important to remember your child’s safety above everything. Bath rugs should have rubber backs to keep them from sliding. Bathtubs should have a skid proof bottom. The sink and tub should have an anti-scalding device installed to prevent serious burns. All cabinet, doors, and toilet lids should have some kind of safety lock device. Also kid’s bathroom furniture should be safe as well. They should be sturdy, the bottoms should remain skid-free and all corners should be rounded. By incorporating safety with your decorating ideas, your kid’s hygiene is sure to be one of fun filled experiences.

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