Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Modern Lighting Ideas For Small Bathrooms

There are many modern lighting ideas for a small bathroom one could use to give the effect of a larger space.  Furthermore, you can look into other space saving options such as small toilets or decorative mirrors to help actually create more space.  In addition to the lighting, consider how all the elements of the bathroom will come together to achieve the particular effect desired with a small bathroom that not only considers space but also the overall theme.

For instance, modern lighting will more than likely be used with a contemporary motif or design.  Many people prefer a minimalist design that emphasizes a sleek and streamlined look.  This could work very well for a smaller bathroom in addition to sharp, clean lines that are either rounded or squared.  Using a neutral or white color scheme with touches of bolder colors such as black, brown or gray can be dramatic.   This type of design may just go with chromatherapy lights.

Getting rid of harsh or outdated lighting can dramatically alter the appearance of a bathroom.  Fluorescent or vanity lighting can be replaced with contemporary lighting or track lighting or for some added drama add a few pendant lights.  Light fixtures with three or four  pieces can also create a more desirable illusion.  However, if the most important factor is for the lighting to be modern, brushed nickel, polished chrome, or some type of metallic fixtures with glass embellishments just may be the best option.

Installing the bar of lights above the mirror helps create the illusion of space in a room with neutral or white walls.  Using recessed lighting, lights built into the ceiling, is also a solution to space restraints.  Even a small chandelier may be installed depending upon the amount of height in the room.  In either case, install a dimmer to increase and decrease the amount of light exactly to your liking.

Another unique idea is to use sconces on the sides of the mirror where more light is usually needed.  These fixtures direct light upwards and give the décor a touch of artistic beauty.

No matter what type of modern lighting is chosen, it needs to complement the existing or planned décor.  In addition to all the other tricks you may use to create a larger space, lighting can be the final piece in making a small bathroom appears larger.  You should take the time to look at the many other ideas for small bathrooms to decide exactly what lighting, fixtures, tiles, bathroom vanities and other bathroom necessities will create the desired effect.


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