Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Remodeling the Lighting in a Small Bathroom

You can greatly improve the quality of your home simply by doing some small bathroom remodeling. One thing that every homeowner should keep in mind is that remodeling a small bathroom will be easier and cost less that remodeling a large bathroom. While it will be easier, though, it will not be easy. It still takes time and thought to remodel a small bathroom but you can still do it yourself.

One of the most important things you should consider is the lighting ideas for a small bathroom. You should always consider the lighting when you are planning the remodel of the bathroom. This is normally the first room you will head to when you wake up, and the last room you are in before you go to bed at night. Your bathroom has become a place to relax and wind down after a long day. It is also the place you will shave or you will apply your make up everyday and adequate lighting is needed for these things. The lighting in a smaller bathroom can be something that will either make your day or cause you to leave the house in a dreary and drained mood.

Some lighting ideas for a smaller bathroom are thought out in layers. You have one set of lights for the shower and sink areas and then you also have lights that are just an overall ceiling light to cover the rest. Vertical fixtures on either side of the bathroom vanity unit can allow even light to flow from both sides and allow daily grooming to be much simpler than using a fixture directly over the mirror. If you place a light fixture directly over the mirror it will cast a shadow over your face and can cause you some difficulties. If you place each fixture approximately 35 inches apart it will give you the maximum lighting for each side. If the mirror is very large, then you can place these fixtures on the mirror approximately 35 inches apart and you will still get the same effect.

When choosing the right light bulb for your bathroom lighting you should look toward a crisp white bulb. It shows off your skin tones more accurately than other bulbs. It is also a good idea to use Halogen bulbs. They cost a little more but they last a lot longer. Halogen bulbs can last up to three times longer than a regular light bulb.  In addition, using a dimmer is very effective when you are redecorating and remodeling a small bathroom. If you try using a dimmer it can set the mood in your new bathroom. It can allow you to have a bright sunny feel when needed but can also give you that relaxing calm mood in the evening when you are trying to unwind from a long day.

The most important thing when you are trying to do some small bathroom remodeling in your home is the feel that you want to provide. These are different ways you can change this with just one simple thing in your bathroom. The lighting ideas for your bathroom that you come up with can change the entire feel of the room that you are remodeling. You can enhance the mood by the different types of lighting that you use, as well as the different types of light bulbs that you use. There are so many things are able to do to make it easier to get ready in the morning, and at the same time so many things that can help you distress in the calm and relaxing atmosphere.

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