Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Small Bathroom Remodeling can be Fun and Easy

By completing a small bathroom remodeling project, you will be able to recoup nearly 100 percent of the amount you spend on it when selling your home. It will be cheaper and easier to remodel a smaller bathroom as opposed to a large bathroom, although it will still take thought and time, it is something that you can accomplish all by yourself.

Lighting options for a small bathroom are a major consideration. The bathroom is more than likely the first room you go to after waking up, and the last one to visit before going to bed. This should be a relaxing area, but also somewhere you have good lighting to shave and apply makeup. The lighting can be plain or fancy, but make sure it is something you enjoy looking at so it boosts your mood for the day.

Think of the lighting ideas for a small bathroom in different sections; sink and shower areas and a ceiling light for overall illumination of the room. For the best even flow of light around a bathroom vanity unit, vertical fixtures on each side of the mirror will shed even light from both sides making daily grooming simpler than having a light fixture right over the top of the mirror.  Having the fixture over the mirror tends to cast shadows over your face and is harder to see clearly.  Placing the light fixtures about 35 inches apart will give you the greatest lighting potential from each side.  If you have a large mirror, placing the light fixtures directly on the mirror about 35 inches between each other will give you a similar effect.  There are several different types of vanity units to choose from that will fit nicely into a small bathroom.  You need to decide if you want to go modern or antique, dark or light wood, pedestal sink or cabinet sink.  Usually in a smaller bathroom, light wood is the better way to go; it gives your small room a larger feel.  In regards to a pedestal sink or cabinet sink, it just depends on whether you need the additional storage area. Try to get a good overall, coordinated effect in the room.

The correct light bulb is extremely important, so your best choice would be a fresh white bulb.  This will more accurately reveal your skin tones.  Also, Halogen bulbs are a good choice costing a bit more but they have up to a three times longer life span than regular bulbs. Another consideration is to use a dimmer switch in your bathroom.  Often times, you do not need the full brightness you get when the lights are on all the way.  Using a dimmer switch will save on your energy bills and can set a nice, relaxing mood when you need to unwind after a long day at work. This is particularly nice to use during a relaxing bath in the evening before bedtime. It will help put you in the sleep mood.

When remodeling a small bathroom, the top priority is to get the exact results you are looking for. Find the right light fixtures to accentuate the vanity unit you decide on. You do not want a totally modern light fixture and an antique style vanity. The options are abundant in vanities and lighting and each choice will make your small bathroom look totally different. The key element in the remodeling of a small bathroom is to make it something that you want to look at several times a day, what you want to wake up to and see at the end of the day, something that will make you happy.  Make it an extension of yourself. Small bathroom remodeling can be fun, easy and give you a total sense of accomplishment when completed.

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