Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

Style of Bathroom Vanity Units

Bathroom vanity units are a great addition to any bathroom because of the added storage feature that each vanity contains. The vanity cabinets below the sink can be storage for cleaning products, hair tools like shampoos and styling products, and even makeup. While the functional portion of the vanity is a great bonus, appearance of a vanity is more elegant than that of a traditional pedestal sink, thus making it the focal point of the bathroom.

Although bathrooms are probably the most under-decorated and neglected area of the home in terms of design, there are several ways to dress up a bathroom in luxury while concurrently maintaining functionality and purpose. Vanities are a great way to optimize space, function, and design simultaneously without major renovations or hiring contractors or handymen. Bathroom vanities come in an array of colors and designs that will add to the motif of each home. There are three portions of bathroom vanity units which consist of the cabinetry, bathroom sink countertop and the sink portion of the unit.

Most traditional vanities’ cabinetry portion is constructed of wood while the upper sink surround portion is comprised by an alternate material of the consumer’s choice. These materials can range from granite to marble for the ultimate in luxury and style. Nonetheless, whilst several types of countertop materials exist, the same is for the actual sink. The sink portion and faucet fixtures are like works of art; each is styled to mimic the charm and whimsy of the home and its décor. One of the most innovative types of bathroom sinks is the vessel sink. Vessel sinks are elevated away from the bathroom countertops to replicate a bowl like effect against the surface. Vessel sinks come in a variety of sizes and shapes including the most popular circular bowl but can range from rectangular to square like shapes. Nevertheless, the vessel sink adds the ultimate elegance factor to a new or existing bathroom vanity unit.

Whilst it is important to select the style of the bathroom sink is pertinent, the shape and size should be the foremost important factor to ensure that the unit actually accommodates the size of the bathroom area. All bathrooms are not created equal with optimal amounts of space throughout. There are several ways to remedy a crowded bathroom with limited amounts of space. Corner vanity units are a great way to accommodate the small corner spaces of a bathroom with misappropriated amounts of space. Corner sinks are also available to ensure that there is ample amount of countertop space available that can also double as a makeup area and an area to accommodate hair styling tools and beauty products.

Although a bathroom may seem understated and bare with the lack of ability to be styled and decorated, there are several ways to formalize and bring a more chic ambiance to the room by utilizing bathroom vanities. Although style is key in choosing a vanity, it is pertinent to ensure that the size and shape will accommodate the space and décor of any bathroom.

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