Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

The Key to Lighting Your Small Bathroom

Interior design ideas for a small bathroom can be challenging. While the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in house, it is also one that is used by everyone. One of the key factors in making the small bathroom look larger is the bathroom lighting. After deciding on a decorating style, look at the features of lighting that will fit what the style calls for. While the room can’t be made bigger by using these techniques of lighting, it can look bigger. Proper lighting can be accomplished with a combination of windows, light fixtures, and decorative mirrors. Whatever options are chosen, make sure that all the corners are well lit.

Dark corners are a big problem in small bathrooms with limited lighting. Dark corners make the room look smaller. The first thing to look at is if there is a window. Check where the window is located and how big it is. The size and placement of the window will help decide how much lighting you need and the best place for it. The size and shape of the small bathroom will help determine what lighting will work best it. The style of decorating is going to figure in with the selection of light fixtures and mirrors. There are several types of lighting that can be used in the bathroom. Among those types are ceiling lights, pendant lights, and recessed lights.

Most bathroom design ideas start out using ceiling lights for bathroom lighting. The ceiling lights are usually covered in glass and either round or square. The round ceiling light shades normally screw into a metal base and completely surround the light bulbs. Square light shades on the other hand tend to be bolted onto a center bolt and is open on the sides. Both the round light covers and the square light shades come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Ceiling lights have long been the standard, traditional method of lighting small bathrooms.

Pendant lights can add a decorative look to the modern bathroom. There are several different types of pendant lights depending on the mood that is wanted in the bathroom. Single pendant lights feature a single light descending from a chain. The frames are available in a variety of colors and styles. If you are looking for something fancier, there are the multi-light pendants. Multi-light pendant lights resemble small chandeliers. If a fancier look is desired, these are definitely a good choice. There is a large variety of colors and styles. Another style of pendant light is the bowl pendant light. This style of pendant light features a bowl suspended from a series of chains.

mirror-windowAnother way of making the room look larger is by using decorative mirrors. One trick to making a small bathroom look bigger is to hang a mirror across from the window; of course this depends on the layout of the room. With small bathrooms, it is better to use one larger mirror than several smaller ones. Decorative mirrors for a powder room come in a huge variety of styles, sizes and colors. Make-up mirrors with light stripes on both sides are another option for the smaller bathroom. The light stripes add additional light when needed. Windows let in natural light and make the small bathroom look brighter and larger. Good methods of window coverings are lace curtains or sheer panels. If privacy is a problem you can use frosted glass and still let in light. Use mirror placement to maximize the light that the window lets in. If window placement doesn’t allow for the mirror to be placed opposite of it, use another mirror on the opposite wall. Use the largest mirrors that look good in the bathroom.

Turn the smallest room in the house to a well-lit welcoming room. When deciding on bathroom design ideas for a small bathroom, first decide on the style of decorating. Then decide on the style of light fixtures, whether to use ceiling lights or pendant lights. Don’t forget the decorative mirrors to enhance the bathroom lights.

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