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Vessel Sink For A Modern Bathroom Vanity

Among the modern developments in bathroom decor are vessel sinks that paradoxically resemble wash basins of long ago and which were kept in the bath area or on a nightstand, however the resemblance stops there. The more traditional vessel sinks are made of ceramic, steel or porcelain with newer options including copper, brass, marble, glass or china. Glass vessel sinks are popular with many families because they can be embossed with made to order designs. Newer designs for glass sinks use tempered glass which require that the glass material go through a very high temperature heating process and then be rapidly cooled, which process will strengthen its internal structure.

High end vessel sinks can also be found in a broad assortment of shapes including oval, round, fluted, square and floral, and each shape is available in a color which will compliment the shades already used in the bathroom. Any one of the various options available can transform the ordinary bathroom from the mundane into a classic, contemporary room.

Vessel sinks are also very versatile and can be installed in bathroom vanity units or other bathroom furniture as well as in a bathroom counter top or a corner sink, depending on what is already available in the bathroom, the location of the bathroom piping and plumbing, and the cost of installation. Some vessel sinks can be mounted above or over the counter, a viable option for saving counter space in the bathroom.

If children will be using the vessel sink, it will be important to consider both the type of sink to choose and where it is installed. The width and depth of the sink may be an area of concern as well locating the vessel sink where children can reach the faucets and the sink. This is particularly important if the sink and faucets are located on a bathroom counter top or other bathroom furniture. This concern can also be addressed by looking at pedestal or wall-mounted sinks, both of which are often used in small bathrooms because they take up little or no floor space.

Maintenance of a vessel style sink cannot be overlooked so it is important to note that if the sink surface will scratch, extra care will be required when cleaning it. In most instances the best option is to use a gentle soap and water mixture or if there are spots on the surface resulting from hard water then a rag soaked in vinegar can be used. Steel wool, harsh, abrasive or chemical cleaners may not only cause damage to the finish they also create an increased possibility that the finish will be stained.

Vessel sinks are attractive and appealing, making a memorable addition to any bathroom.

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